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How to Lose Weight No Matter What

Do you feel like dieting is a constant war between your desire to get the lean healthy body you want and eating the food you actually enjoy?

No worries, this woman right here knows exactly how that feels. Because she used to be 100 pounds heavier. Meet Ilana, the creator of the 2B Mindset.

Ilana battled her issues with food at an early age and then it finally hit her that what “diet” really means is deprivation. It was clear to her that any eating program based on deprivation would never work for her or for most people.

Ilana says, “You see, I’ve always loved food and I love to eat large portions. What I needed was a diet that would let me eat and feel satisfied, while still helping me lose weight. There was no diet on the market like that — so I decided to create it myself.
I not only invented a solution to solve my own weight problem, so I could lose 100 pounds, I made it my career as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist — so I could help anyone lose weight happily and learn how to keep it off for good — and still go on living my life and enjoying the foods I love.


Her mission is to help millions of people just like you win the weight-loss battle — and better yet, end the war forever.

Are you an
Emotional Eater?
Hate being told you CAN'T eat something?
Are you someone
who just hates working out?
Or maybe you like working out but you can't seem to get a handle on your nutrition?

Listen up .. !!

If you are someone who:

  • Loves eating out

  • Hates to cook

  • Eats takeout often

  • Is constantly “on a diet”

  • Is a weekday warrior

  • Beats yourself up over over eating

  • Loves to eat food

  • Is a late night snacker

  • Loves to travel but doesn’t know how to stay on track

  • Doesn’t want or like to workout

  • Loves to workout but struggles with food

  • Needs a simple easy to follow guide for how to literally be emotionally free from food right now then this is for you!!!!

Truthfully, I have experienced so many different types of nutritional theories in the past 4 and a half years and not all of those strategies are for everyone. It is my hope that if you still haven’t found a lifestyle that keeps you healthy and in charge, that this could be the ANSWER you have been waiting for!

The 2B Mindset is the newest program from Beachbody that focuses on JUST nutrition so that you can gain an understanding of food as fuel and not food as comfort. This program is a great way to change your habits without overwhelming you with workouts at the same time. Of course you are welcome to workout during the program if you’d like, but we are going to focus on losing weight happily by taking control of your relationship with food.

2B Mindset is NOT a diet – it’s about understanding how to lose weight happily, without feeling deprived or counting calories or cutting out entire food groups. You’ve heard the phrase “abs are made in the kitchen,” right? That’s why we are focusing on food as a means of weight loss while still keeping it enjoyable!


The program includes 6 videos to learn the principles, 5 videos to live the principles in real life, 6 videos full of tips and strategies, and 16 recipe videos.

Meet Ilana

Want to see some results?!

At Beachbody, we’re used to seeing incredible transformations. But when the first 2B Mindset weight-loss results came in, we couldn’t have predicted these incredible results!

What makes the 2B Mindset nutrition program so powerful is that it teaches you how to lose weight without counting calories or exercising. The 2B Mindset is not a diet — rather, it helps shift your perspective about food and your eating habits. Therefore, it is designed to help anyone — of any age — lose weight happily so they can keep it off for good.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out these 2B Mindset results below and hear how this nutrition program helped them finally win their weight-loss battles, and how it’s changed their lives in amazing ways. 

A positive mindset leads to positive health!

Lakmini B. lost 73 pounds 

“Not only am I 73 pounds lighter, but I feel like I can take on the world. I’ve never felt so vital or content. Because Ilana understands we are all different, I learned so much about myself on this program — not just which foods aid in weight loss — but about trusting myself, learning not to emotionally eat, recognizing signs of true hunger, and learning what it is to be satisfied. With the 2B Mindset, you’ll actually enjoy weight loss,” says Lakmini.

“I’ve never lost 35 pounds before. This is the first time. I don’t feel hungry. I don’t feel starved. The things I craved before, I no longer do… I eat more in volume and variety than I did before. I don’t consider the 2B Mindset a diet; I consider it a lifestyle change — and it’s made the hugest change in my life. I feel fantastic and I want to maintain the way I feel. With the 2B Mindset, I have all the tools in my possession,” says Nathaniel.

“When you’re in the 2B Mindset, you know how to create and maintain balance in your life, happily, and you can do it every single day. The people around you see the positivity that comes from changing your mindset around food, and they want to do it too. It becomes second nature to lose weight. Once you’re in on the secret, there’s no going back,” says Lillian.

“After that first week, losing seven pounds, I knew I’d found the perfect program for me. Because I’m able to eat the same foods as everyone else, go back for seconds, and still lose weight. My weight loss is a lifestyle. It’s an awareness rather than a goal. It’s not a temporary fix. A ‘diet’ is temporary. A ‘diet’ means you get to your goal and you stop — which is the exact opposite of how weight loss works. A mindset lasts forever. I can do the 2B Mindset for life,” says Imani.

“One of the first things I noticed doing the 2B Mindset was how full I was. It’s completely different from other diets where you’re walking away depleted and without energy. It takes just a tweak in your mind; it’s so easy after that. I’m eating the stuff that I want to eat, and still losing weight without spending hours in the gym and without starving myself,” says Matt.

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