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Even before I became a coach I witnessed so many people, including myself, struggle with their weightloss. Between yo-yo dieting and the latest "in-the-moment" fitness craze, it's as if money was being flushed down the toilet. People end up getting discouraged and think, "Oh, I don't have the time or money to get the body that I want." FALSE!!!

Here’s the great news - with each of my challenge groups, I’ve put together all of my personal eating guidelines to help you get amazing results. YOU choose the program that is fun and exciting for you plus you're NEVER starving. In fact, you will be eating 6 small meals instead of just 3!  It only takes small changes to make a HUGE difference! All it takes is simple and small lifstyle adjustments to get the body that you've been wishing for.


You’ll not only learn how to eat well and tone up, but Beachbody supplies you with your own personal online club membership to help you track your progress, get recipes, chat with other individuals during their fitness journeys. ACCOUNTABILITY at its finest! Plus, you will be registered for one of my private challenge groups where I will be there for you every step of the way.

If you’re worried about cutting out your favorite foods – don’t worry. It's all about BALANCE! I’ll show you how to enjoy yourself but still stay on track! These will be LASTING results, no more yo-yo dieting and watching those scale numbers fluctuate. You will be BREAKING old HABITS because Beachbody programs WORK!

If you need anymore proof of the success people have had with Beachbody just check out the amazing transformations all over my page. There is a program for ALL FITNESS LEVELS--beginner, advanced, expectant mothers, people with injuries, time restraints, busy schedules etc. My job is to find the one that suits your needs BEST. ALL you have to do is get rid of the EXCUSES and go for it! 



If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done!

Proud Coach Moment

This is Lori. Lori started as a Challenger of mine and has since become a Beachbody Coach. She started her journey in September 2014 when she joined my Fall Into Fitness challenge. Lori had used Beachbody programs in the past but had never been part of a challenge group or drank Shakeology. She chose the 21-Day Fix to lose the weight after her third baby and has never looked back since.


Lori dove head first into the challenge, commited herself to drinking Shakeology every day and honestly, I don't think she ever missed a 30-minute workout. Her nutrition became a lifestyle change for not only her but her family. 

Flashforward a few months and Lori gets a call from Beachbody Headquarters saying they saw her results on the website and they want to fly her out to Los Angeles to be in the 21-Day Fix infomerical with celebrity trainer, Autumn Calabrese. HOLY COW! Since then, Lori has continued with her journey by advancing to a lifetime 8-STAR Diamond rank coach and has continued to helped others achieve their goals. She is a phenomenal mentor and friend. I am so proud of her accomplishments!

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.

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