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One of the biggest myths about Shakeology is that it is a "weight loss" shake-- FALSE!! Let me break down the difference between Shakeology and EVERYTHING else. When you are COMPARING labels, it is NOT the "protein, carbs, sugars, calories" that makes Shakeology so's EVERYTHING ELSE!


It's the antioxidants, probiotics, prebiotics, amino acids, digestive enzymes, adaptogens, and phytonutrients, all coming from over 70 of the worlds natural superfoods and preserved to keep the nutritional integrity for bioavailable absorbtion in your body. Shakeology is 100% natural with no artificial sugar, flavor, stimulants, or colors. Shakeology is not some silly-gimicky protein shake, it's in an entirely different league than ProFit, Body by Vi cake-shakes, Mona Vie, Jamba Juice, Slim Fast, GNC products, etc.


Your body NEEDS NUTRIENTS (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytonutrients, etc) in order to function as the well oiled machine it was designed to be. Yes, LOW-CAL may keep you SKINNY but it most definitely, alone, is not going to be what keeps you HEALTHY. 

You may be thinking.. Yeah, but I am "healthy" but let me ask you this: 

Do you wake up feeling RESTED? 
Do you have SUSTAINED ENERGY throughout the day WITHOUT coffee or Red Bull? 
Do you have CLEAR FOCUS while at work? 
Are you constantly battling CRAVINGS? 
Do you tend to get sick often?
Oh, and are you "REGULAR?" (you know what I mean) 

ALL of these things are linked to your HEALTH and the kind of nutritional choices you are making...

YES, I believe in SHAKEOLOGY and I've drank it nearly EVERY day for over a year. I have not had a single cold or flu sympton since and that says a lot with all of the travel I do too. I used to have stomach digestive issues and they are GONE! YES, I am aware there are lower cost, lower cal, lower carb options out there! But when you KNOW BETTER... You DO BETTER!!! 

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