Clean Eating Tips

It isn't always necessarily that you're eating poorly, it's that you're eating TOO much! Everything these days seems to be "super sized" so we shouldn't be surprised that the obesity rate in America is sky rocketing.

Kick Start your Metabolism!

You may think that skipping breakfast will help you lose weight, but it has exactly the OPPOSITE effect! Did you know that most people that skip breakfast actually end up weighing more than those who don't? Choose a healthy breakfast that will give you energy for the day. Don't let your body think it is going into "starvation mode", it will STORE FAT!  **TIP** Eat your fruit in the morning and never after 6PM. 

Are you struggling with bloat and maybe even the dreaded CELLULITE?! Here's a tip, reduce your SALT intake! Salt retains water in your body. When your salt consumption is high your body retains excess fluids, causing your cellulite to be more noticeable. Who wants that?!

This isn't just the table salt you add to your meals either. You need to watch out for the  sodium in processed and packaged foods such as canned soups and chips. Cellulite is a sign of POOR DIET! Start making healthier choices!


C - carbonated drinks

R - refined sugar

A - artificial sweetners and colors

P - processed foods



F - fruits and veggies

O - organic lean proteins

O - omega 3 fatty acids

D - drink water

How do I go out and socialize with my friends but still eat and drink healthy?!

Most social events are on the weekends, right? It is very easy to fall off the wagon especially when social engagements are involved. You're surrounded by people who aren't necessarily eating and drinking the same way as you, your favorite foods are being offered, peer pressure, the list goes on and on.

Don't let the weekend sabotage all of your hard work, get a plan together! Schedule that one "happy meal" a week. If you know the temptation is going to be too great then eat before you go out so you're not snacking on everything in sight.

Everything in Moderation

Are you a coffee fanatic or love that glass of wine?

Here are the facts about Caffeine and Alcohol


Both caffeine and alcohol are EMPTY caloric beverages. There is ZERO nutrition and they will not help you see immediate results. The choice is your's and your's alone.


In moderation, studies show drinking one or two 4oz glasses of red wine a day has an assortment of benefits -- from heart health to stress reduction to general longevity. 


It has also been found that two or three 8oz cups of coffee might help performance, marginally. It's not the coffee that is problematic though, it's the sugars and creamers that people add to it. Try drinking your coffee black or with a splash of almond milk creamer.


Moderation is the KEY!

 Drinking Water will Help You Lose Weight

- If you're drinking water, then you're not drinking something else, like a beverage packed with sugar!

- Drinking water will help your liver effectively metabolize body fat

-  Being dehydrated even 1% can cause a big drop in your metabolism, DRINK UP!

-It is very difficult for the body to distinguish between hunger and thirst. You might think you're hungry but you're actually thirsty.

- Drink a full glass of water before your next meal. This will prevent you from over eating!


Maren's Biggest Nutrition Tip


Eat well & Eat Often (5-6 small meals a day)

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