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Hey, thanks for visiting my page! I'm Maren Crowley-Beddow and I am a health & wellness Coach! Coaching has always been in my blood. In fact, I was a Division 1 Women's collegiate Golf Coach for eight years and I am also a Class A PGA Professional. I am married my best friend, Nick, who is also a PGA member. We got married in December 2015 and it was the catalyst for my wellness journey.


I began my wellness journey shortly after getting engaged in January 2014. While I was so excited about starting this next chapter of my life, with Nick, my concern over my physical appearance overshadowed my happiness. I knew then it was time to take control and make a healthy lifestyle change. That's when I decided to join an accountability group that was full of other women who were working out at home. I was willing to try ANYTHING at this point because I was at my wits end. Everything else I previously tried failed. 

I joined a 60-day challenge group and signed up as a "loyalty customer" right away strictly for the discount I would receive on my superfood shake. This little superfood shake, which just celebrated its 10th Birthday, was healing my gut. 


I started the program and immediately saw results. One of my favorite parts about our online fitness library is the fact that it's so innovative. Literally for every level of fitness and they help you focus on your nutrition too. Not once did I feel intimidated or that I couldn't complete my workout because the support of the community is always there. I was even surprised that I ENJOYED working out AT HOME! 

As a sidebar, you should know that I have battled thyroid disease for over twelve years. I dealt with it all-- cysts, goiter, under-active thyroid AND over-active thyroid. You name it, I had it! In December 2009,  I had a thyroidectomy and now I am on levothyroxine for the rest of my life. I have always been an athlete and ate relatively well, but it was so difficult for me to lose weight. I have never seen results like I have with these nutrition plans and fitness programs. It has helped me MAINTAIN my results for over five years. The combination has transformed not only me, but my family. 


If YOU or someone you know is looking for a change, it IS possible. 

-You CAN get in shape physically, mentally, financially and emotionally. 

-Let me help you make the change towards a healthier YOU!



Accountability is giving someone permission to make sure you achieve your goals. We are all better when people are watching us. Accountability will help you achieve what you believe.

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