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The SHIFT SHOP is a ramp-up fitness program and trainer Chris Downing makes it easy from the start. Then he gradually increases the intensity of the cardio and strength-training workouts week by week — all while refining your nutrition. Plus, he makes it a lot of fun.

  • Week 1 – 25-minute workouts that’ll help you stay focused and committed. You eat a healthy balance of carbs, protein, and fat.

  • Week 2 – 35-minute workouts that are more intense and an extra agility marker is added. The nutrition plan will cut down on starchy carbs in Week 2 to help lose bloat and lean down while revving up the proteins and veggies.

  • Week 3 – 45-minutes of higher-intensity workouts for an entire week all while eating clean. Bye Bye Bye, Carbs!

  • There’s even a modifier you can follow, so you can always get through all the moves, and still get a great workout.

Check out me, Chris Downing and my friend/personally sponsored Coach Lori hanging out in Punta Cana. We had the privilege to talk "Shop" with Chris and even get a workout in with him! Lori was lucky enough to get chosen for the Official Coaches Test Group.

Check out her results below! 

Meet Chris Downing -- the man who will help you Shift!

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