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Spread Faith & Hope Not Hate

November 11, 2016

I feel compelled to write this blog post even if no one reads it. My Facebook feed is flooded with emotions and it's been almost 48 hours since the 2016 election results poured in. There is hatred on both sides of the fence but clearly more on the side of the "losing" side. I'm sure it would be totally flip flopped if the outcome was the opposite so I'm not pointing any fingers. In life as we know, it's very difficult to make EVERYONE happy. This was one of the most important elections to date and we should all be grateful that we got to witness history in the making. Our first female nominee for President and our first non-politician.


I am writing this though because of an incident that happened today when I was down at our community pool. There I was, minding my own business, sunning myself and relaxing when an older woman hops on her phone. She was about 15 feet away from me but I could hear her clear as a bell. Which is pretty bad because if you ask anyone, I'm deaf. I blame Apple Music #millenialprojection - Ha!


There was a whole lot of BLAH BLAH BLAH convo but then she said a few words that smacked me across the face. "Any woman who voted for Trump is absolutely despicable." Yup, and I don't mean Despicable Me. I love Minions by the way.. Stuart for President!




Now, mind you, sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. Yes, true. Nor do I care what this lady thinks. I don't feel like I have to defend myself or my vote to a stranger. Everyone is entitled to free speech and their own opinion. That's what makes this the greatest country in the world whether you believe so at this present moment or not.


What I realized is people have ZERO concept or respect for those around them. This lady had ZERO idea that I was a Trump supporter. She automatically assumed that because I was a female I voted for HRC. Mind you, she was plenty friendly to me when she passed me on her way to the bathroom earlier in the afternoon. It occurred to me that if she knew who I voted for she would automatically ASSUME I was the following: a bigot, a racist, uneducated, had zero respect for my body, a homophobe the list goes on and on. I might as well have had ANTI-CHRIST tattooed on my forehead. Now, I am NOT defending the words or actions of Trump or of some of his ignorant supporters. Quite frankly, everyone is an asshole at some point in their life. Except my great-aunt Eileen, she was a saint and I swear she's God's right hand lady up in Heaven. God rest her soul. But I digress... If Jesus can forgive him and them for their actions, so can I.


So, here's this lady spewing her hateful rhetoric all around not giving a crap about anyone's feelings in a public forum. Guess what!?!? That's what EVERYONE is doing on FACEBOOK! Facebook is NOT a diary, people, it's a public forum that many are using as their own soap box. Bless you, you do you boo boo. But NOT everyone on your silly little newsfeed AGREES with you! We ALL have different opinions but the PURPOSE of Facebook is to be FRIENDS with one another. That's why you connected with someone on Facebook in the first place, right? Or maybe you did it to stalk an ex... Totally not judging you if you did. We are all Nancy Drew from time to time.




It makes ZERO sense to me to be saying these awful things to our "friends" on social media. People's feelings are getting HURT. I look back at old posts from years ago, thank you Facebook memories, and I see how negative I once was too. Yes, we all have our moments. I'd like to think that I have matured as I've gotten older and become more conscious of others' feelings. I believe everyone is entitled to be upset if something doesn't go their way and that we all grieve differently. I don't believe that we need to be spewing hate at one another and making the great divide even bigger than it already is. We need to come TOGETHER!


Yes, I voted for Trump. According to you I am all of the things that were listed above. You have GENERALIZED me. I guess my biggest question for everyone out in Facebook land aka the people I have gone to school with, worked with, dated, grew-up with, gone to church with, created bonds with, etc. is... If that rings true, why did you become friends with me on Facebook in the first place?

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