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I am Team Beachbody

April 4, 2017




Decide. Commit. Succeed. I will never forget reading those three words when I first joined the Beachbody family. I never thought three simple words could positively impact my life like they have.

Some people, actually many people, thought I was crazy for starting this journey. I had so many doubts myself the first year! I can honestly say that the DECISION to COMMIT has resulted in SUCCESS. Three simple words have turned me into the best me I can be and forever changed my life. 

Over 3 years ago I took a chance on a chocolate wellness shake, a home workout program, and the support of my coach Jennifer Northrup in her accountability group. I pushed this decision off for forever until I finally reached rock bottom. I figured, what do I have to lose? Because of that decision I am forever changed.  

Before becoming a part of this Beachbody family I was sad, insecure and downright negative. On the outside it can look like someone has it all but let's be honest some of us are pretty good at hiding our true emotions. I knew I wasn't being the happy person that I wanted to be for my family but I felt stuck. I had no idea how to change but was looking for a SOLUTION.  

I constantly compared myself to other females. Plus, for years I was battling Thyroid disease, IBS, a rollercoaster of emotions, gaining weight and it had a trickle down effect on the ones I love the most. Straight up, I sucked. I wasn’t nice. What’s crazy is I have always had a strong support system but I had to learn to take care of MYSELF. The reason I joined my first challenge group was that I knew I had to improve upon myself. I knew if I focused on ME I would be a better partner, daughter, friend and co-worker. Don't ever think that self love isn't important because it IS! 

My experience with Beachbody has been so much more than a 20 pound weight loss. I even look back at posts from prior to starting Beachbody and I don't even recognize that person anymore. Changing my mindset to a positive one has had the most profound effect on me. This entire coaching experience has taught me to learn from others' struggles, take chances and risks, be a positive light for others, work together with a team, stay faithful and reach goals that I only imagined for my family. 

I wasn’t looking to add another job to my plate when I became a Beachbody Coach. I already had two jobs and was concentrating on furthering my golf professional career. To be honest, I wanted the discount on Shakeology, hahaha! BUT I just KNEW I had to tell everyone about my experience. I wanted everyone to feel as great and confident as I did. If I could have yelled it from the rooftops I would have.

I’m a firm believer that God creates spheres of influence for us and becoming a Beachbody Coach has been mine. I didn’t look to become a Beachbody Coach, God placed it in front of me. He wanted me to encourage others to become the best they could be, to live healthier and more fulfilling lives. I have been blessed to help others gain control of their health, fitness, and overall wellness through this amazing business opportunity. I am paying it forward each and every day. I have been able to be the support my family has required in times of need. Also, I can do this job from anywhere in the world. That comes in pretty handy when you’re living a gypsy golf professional life!

I want you to know that there is more to Beachbody than losing weight. Yes, we are saving lives. Does that sound dramatic? Well, it’s not, it’s the truth. We are saving people from living a life stuck on prescription medications to deal with CURABLE diseases. We are saving lives from angst and anxiety. We are saving lives from the stress of not being able to find financial freedom. I was a doubter when I first started but from surrounding myself with people whose lives are being changed on a DAILY basis and seeing it FIRST HAND with my life, I am a BELIEVER.

Look, you might not get it. I didn’t either. In fact, for awhile I didn’t even tell people that I was a Beachbody Coach because I was afraid of what they would think of me. I know I won’t be able to convince some of you and you might think this is all BS, that’s okay. If you know ANYTHING about me I am genuine with my feelings. If I didn’t believe in this I would never say I did. All I know is that Beachbody, the friends that I have gained, and the team I continue to lead have given me the support I needed. 


I KNOW there are big things ahead for this team and we are going to CONTINUE to positively improve the lives of others. God will never give you anything you can’t handle and these types of things are not a mistake. Take a chance and believe that He will provide you with what you need.

I am TEAM BEACHBODY and I will continue to Decide. Commit. Succeed. #IAmTeamBeachbody 



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